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Why I Love the Wild G Rabbit Vibrator

Everyone remembers their first love. I have tried several rabbit vibrators over the years but the Wild G Rabbit Vibrator was my first and it’s still my favorite.   One of the primary things I love about it is its size. The shaft of the Wild G Rabbit

5 Foods to Help Find Your Way to Sex Again!

By Rebecca Ramdeholl, RHN As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I often come across a very common complaint, especially among women.  The juice is just not flowing anymore.  The energy that used to be there has totally disappeared, as real life just zapped everything!  The fatigue just seems

Tell Us What’s On Your Naughty List

With the holidays fast approaching, I got to thinking: What would be on my naughty list this year if I could ask Santa for absolutely anything? I’m going to share mine, but I want you to tell me yours! The Doxy Wand I love my Magic Wand Original

I Fell In Love With An Uncut Dildo – Review

Behold, the Uncut #1 Dual Density Silicone Dildo from Tantus. The name isn’t sexy but the dildo sure is. I had never much thought about uncut dildos before, but a friend who works in the sex toy industry pointed out that there is actually a real lack