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Vedo Drive Cock Ring Review

I love cock rings. It’s the main reason why I suggest them as a beginner’s  toy for many people; They’re cheap and can help enhance sex in new and exciting ways. That’s why for my first couple’s review (shout out to my JareBear for helping me), I

Meet Eric, Our Newest Contributor

My name is Eric and I love to please my wife.  She is smart, beautiful, sexy, and the love of my life!  She is everything to me and there is nothing I love more than encouraging her.  I adore telling her that she is smart, beautiful, sexy,

I Gave My Husband A Fifi

What’s a fifi?  Well if you go by urban dictionary a Fifi is a homemade sex toy.  More specifically, it is a homemade sex toy for men.  Most often associated with desperate & lonely men in prison. No Really, What’s a Fifi? Fifi is a new brand