We Asked Top Sex Bloggers, Here Are Their Favorite Sex Toys

Mrs. Jojo from the Naughty Corner

Next we go to the Naughty Corner with Mrs. Jojo. She classifies herself as a 30 something (more mid than early) woman in her prime searching for adventure and excitement who absolutely loves writing.

A while back she continuously had a feeling that something was missing.  Her sex life wasn’t 100% fulfilling.  Now sex wasn’t bad, it just didn’t hit the nail on the head.  But after her first year of publishing the Naughty Corner, she was finding herself (again).  She ventured into fetishism with both eyes wide open and tried new avenues of interest.

With her blog she offers honest, thorough and up-to-date reviews of sex toys and other related adult products.  In doing this, she hopes to point her readers in the right direction as they go down the path of sexual exploration.  You can check out her amazing blog.

She Recommends:

The Rocks Off 10 Speed Ignition Bullet.  She has raved about bullets from RO for years and recently upgraded to the 10 Speed Ignition.

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  • the RO Ignition bullet measures 3.5? in length and 2.25? in circumference
  • 10 speeds ( 3 vibrations and 7 pulsations)
  • made from ABS plastic and is 100% waterproof

This bullet has a tapered end, more sharp than blunt.  But the design only adds to the tension that the Ignition can give.  The vibrations, for a small sex toy, are outstanding!  This really is the X-Factor of clitoral stimulation and I’m not going to argue that.

You are getting a small and discreet sex toy that packs a punch, you’ll be doing a damn good impression of ‘Meg Ryan in the cafe‘ screaming YES YES YES, by the time this bullet is through with you!  Definitely a bullet for those who like power. -Mrs. Jojo

Read her full review of the Rocks Off Ignition or…

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