We Asked Top Sex Bloggers, Here Are Their Favorite Sex Toys

Grace from PrincessPreviews.com

From down under in Melbourne, Australia, Grace was gracious enough to share her opinion with us.  She created princesspreviews.com and considers herself a sex blogger, adult product reviewer and professional naked person.

Grace is dedicated to providing honest reviews or opinions about aspects of the adult industry, with a big focus on sex toys!  Her sex toy preferences are squishy over firm materials, textured over smooth.   And silicone is her overall favorite material.  She admits she can’t handle big dildos (me either), so she usually sticks to smaller toys.

A self proclaimed “Wand Girl” who still enjoys clit vibes, she far-and-away prefers rumbly vibrations over buzzy ones.  In addition to vibrators she loves butt plugs, but doesn’t do much other anal play with toys.  Stop by her blog sometime and say hi.

She Recommends:

The Rechargeable Magic Wand.  What else would you expect from a self proclaimed wand girl.  Of course she would recommend the original wand, the Magic Wand.

rechargeable magic wand vibrator

Formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, it has received a couple of major upgrades while keeping everything that has made this the best selling vibrator in the last 30 years in tact.

You still get all the power.  But now it’s rechargeable (you don’t have to be tethered to the wall any more) and the vibrating head is less icky.  The head is now made out of a deliciously squishy silicone rather than a porous vinyl, making it finally safe to use without underwear on. Plus the original only had two speeds, low and high.  The rechargeable version has four speeds and four patterns.  Hold On!

I’ve now had the Rechargeable Magic Wand since of August 2015, and I can 100% confirm its excellence! It is easily my most used sex toy ever.  I think if it ever died I would be completely heart broken and need 20 boxes of ice cream to drown my sorrows, that is until my next one arrives. -Grace

Read her full review of the Rechargeable Magic Wand or…

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