We Asked Top Sex Bloggers, Here Are Their Favorite Sex Toys

Kim at the KinkyKittenKim.com

Last but not least we hear from a woman who goes by the name by the name KinkyKittenKim.  She is a 20 year old mother of two.  Encouragement from her fiancé gave her the confidence to start up a blog.  She has always had a passion for sex toys and you can see what she thinks at KinkyKittenKim.com.

She Recommends:

The Doxy Wand.  Think sexy looking Magic Wand.  The upgraded version is super sleek and sexy.  It’s handle is made of Aluminum and Titanium and it comes will a cool hard shell zippered case.

doxy wand titanium and aluminum vibrator

This is another vibrator that is great for women who need a lot of power to reach climax.  It doesn’t pin point vibrations.  It spreads vibrations across your whole vulva. It creates a sense of arousal that is unreal.

Let’s just say this wand is a beast.  Big and powerful yet disguised by the sophisticated look.  The Doxy Wand’s appearance hides the fact that it’s a highly powered orgasm machine. -Kinky Kitten Kim

Read her full review of the Doxy Wand or…

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