How to Do Kegel Exercises Using Ben Wa Balls

luna beads silicone ben wa balls

Kegel exercises also known as pelvic floor exercises are extremely useful in preventing urinary incontinence.  They are especially effective in controlling incontinence associated with pregnancy and child birth.  But did you know that women doing kegel exercises receive an added sexual benefit as well?

Women doing kegel exercises orgasm more easily, more frequently and with more intensity.  Adding strength by doing kegel exercises will also allow you to grab your man more firmly during intercourse.

The easiest way to do your Kegel exercises is by using Ben Wa Balls.   As an added bonus, they feel amazing too.  Ben Wa Balls have been around since 500 A.D. and are extremely effective in strengthening your vaginal muscles.

How to Do Kegel Exercises

  1. Get a set of Ben Wa Balls.
  2. Inserted them one at a time and wear them for at least 15 minutes a day.

It really is that simple.  That’s the great thing about using Ben Wa Balls to strengthen your Kegel muscles.  Once inserted, you literally have to do nothing except keep them in.  Now this may be a bit tricky at first but after a few tries, you might just be wearing them all day long (did I mention they feel amazing).

Which Ben Wa Balls Should I Buy?

As far as I’m concerned there are two choices when shopping for Ben Wa Balls:

Classic Ben Wa Balls

adam-and-eve-glass-ben-wa-balls-blue-blossom-1classic ben wa balls
The classic Ben Wa Balls are weighted steel balls that are the perfect size and weight for Kegel exercises.  Though basic, they are really all you need to strengthen your vaginal muscles.

These balls follow the same principles that have been used for hundreds of years and are more than capable of getting the job done.  They come with a carrying case and only need to be cleaned with soap and water after each use.


Luna Beads

LELO’s Luna Beads are the best selling Kegel weights system.  These modern Ben Wa Balls are made of body safe silicone and are the only Kegel weights system that allows you to customize your routine.

lelo luna beads

Each set of Luna Bead Ben Wa Balls comes with a set of two 28 g weights and two 37 g weights allowing a mix and match feature.  Combined with the included silicone harness, you can really tailor the experience to your personal preferences.  Luna Beads are so comfortable I know women that wear them all day long.


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  1. I recently had a baby and have been hearing about Ben wa balls to “get my strength back.” I didn’t realize how easy they were to use. Thanks.

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