Lelo Luna Beads Review

Lelo’s Luna Beads is Lelo’s attempt to create a comfortable, safe and flexible product to strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles.  As always, their product comes in luxurious packaging with plenty of instructions, warranty info, a storage bag, and a sample of water based lubricant.

What’s great about Luna Beads is that they are flexible for every woman’s needs.  It comes with 2 sets of beads, 28 gram (pink) and 35 gram (blue) beads, and a silicone harness to keep the balls together once inside.  Depending on the woman’s muscle strength, you can start with one ball, a pair of matching weights, or combine a ball of each weight.  There is an elastic cord attached to one ball of each weight to assist in removal.  The balls look very nice, and are easy to clean in hot water and soap.  The balls are made from water tight ABS plastic,  which is a safe nonporous material so no bacteria will get inside the casings.

lelo luna beads

Our Luna Experience

After our introduction to Ben Wa Balls, my wife wanted something heavier and different from our previous set.  I received a set of Luna Beads from Lelo for her upgrade. With a little water based lubrication, she was able to insert the set easily, much like inserting a tampon, and hold them in. We could not hear the weights moving around, but she said she could feel them as she walked and stood throughout the house.  The balls are primarily for her exercise, much like a set of weights at the gym.

A great feature of the Luna Beads are the micro weights on the inside of each bead are contracting muscles without the user noticing.  As the beads knock against her walls, she will engage in micro-clenching, which are small clenches that she does not even notice.  After wearing the beads, she can feel a slight soreness in her pelvic muscles, much like after starting a new workout routine. I recommend starting with them after getting home from work, dropping the kids off of school, or another time that you can be on your feet, but not out of the house. Sitting on a couch or chair will not provide the proper intended exercise. Once you get comfortable with the beads, feel free to wear them when and where you want.

Luna Beads are a great product, and they are the set of Ben Wa balls I would recommend to anyone.  Their versatility of weights, the ability to wear with or without a harness, and the high quality of craftsmanship are why we love Luna Beads.  Some women have reported the weights moving around giving them arousal, but we have not had that experience.  What it has done is strengthened my wife’s muscles, leading to better, more intense and more frequent orgasms when we do have sex.


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