The Great Flavor Taste Test

Shunga Massage Creams:

Out of everything I tested, these definitely felt the heaviest on my skin as they resembled lotion that you could find at Bath and Body Works. However, compared to other flavored massage creams I’ve tried, these smell better, taste more enjoyable and don’t make my skin go crazy as they’re light feeling and smooth. If you’re looking for a cream over an oil, I would suggest trying out the Shunga line.


I tried two flavors: strawberry wine and chocolate. The strawberry flavor was by far my favorite out of the creams. It smelled like a mixture between champagne and rose wine with a hint of strawberries, which made me want to go out for drinks. The hint of strawberries was faint when it came to taste, but was still enjoyable. I would like to have a better ratio of strawberries to wine when it comes to the taste, but I’ll take what I can get. The chocolate flavor smelled like a good bakery that just brought out a chocolate soufflé. However, I find that it’s really hard to get a chocolate taste without chocolate, which is why I was not a huge fan of this one. I believe that it would have tasted better had I not known it was meant to taste like chocolate.


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