The Great Flavor Taste Test

Shunga Massage Oils:

Shunga massage oils have given me so many mixed feelings. On one hand, they’re great massage oils as they feel good on the skin and require a little more blending, which gives you and your partner more time to massage each other. However, their scents are a lot better than their taste as the taste is almost non-existent for these. If you’ve never tried massage oils before and want something that smells intoxicating, I would suggest trying these out.


There are technically three flavors that I tried: chocolate, almond, and strawberry wine (in candle form). I’ve already stated that chocolate products don’t taste as good as the real thing, so I won’t go too much into the taste. I will say that this was the only oil that left a ring around my mouth when I tried to lick it off another human, so it’s best to use this one only for massages. Out of the Shunga oils, the almond one was my favorite as there’s a light taste to it and it smelled like a delicious baklava, so it was very hard to stop tasting it.


As for the strawberry wine massage candle, this was definitely meant for massages only as the oil/wax mixture was thick and soothing, but not tasty. It was like biting straight into a wax figure at Ripley’s and that’s never a good idea.


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