The Great Flavor Taste Test

Kama Sutra Products:

Finally, I tried the Kama Sutra products and these were definitely the wild card when it came to the products I tried. Overall, these products were pretty good, but if I were to recommend them to anyone, I would say that you need to be willing to experiment in order to enjoy these to their full potential.


I got one of the Honey Dusts and the Strawberry Massage Oil from Kama Sutra. The Honey Dust worried me at first as there was absolutely no smell to it at all, and since I got this as a sample, I had no clue what the flavor could be. The feather to apply the powder really tickled my skin, but it definitely helped applied the powder evenly. When I was finally able to taste it, it tasted like a mixture of chocolate and mint, which made me think that it would be really good on ice cream. That makes it the best chocolate flavored product I tried.


As for the Strawberry massage oil, it was the thickest oil out of everything I tried. There was a delightful strawberry scent, but it tasted more like wine than the Shunga Strawberry Wine flavors. If you like rose wine, this is the massage oil for you.

Final Thoughts: This was an enjoyable experience for me as I got to expand my flavored erotic products knowledge beyond the condom aisle at Shopper’s Drug Mart. This was also a trial and error experience for me to find out what I would like, so my best advice to anyone wanting to try out massage oils and cream for the first time is to not be afraid of experimenting. I did and now I have several items to use the next time I have a romantic encounter.

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