Why I Love Vixen Creations Dildos and You Will Too

I asked you, dear readers, what you wanted to see reviewed and you demanded more dildos, which thrilled me to no end. So, since your wish is my command,  I am going to tell you all about Vixen Creations dildos which I feel are the best I have ever tried.

A really great quality silicone dildo is something that I feel should be worth every penny that you paid for it and Vixen Creations dildos certainly fall into that category. I have had the pleasure of trying a few of their gorgeous creations, so I consider myself a very lucky lady.

The Vixen Creations dildos in all their glory.
The Vixen Creations line of dildos in all their glory

The first thing you’re going to notice about these dildos is their lovely flesh tones. From creamy vanilla to a golden caramel to a luscious chocolate, they have a little something for everybody. Just look at the glorious chocolate tone on this Vixen Lonestar dildo. Delicious

Vixskin Lonestar 7 Inch Silicone Dildo Vanilla
Vixen Lonestar dildo in Vanilla Color

That principle also applies to the styles of their dildos. They hand craft everything at their studio in Austin, Texas with incredible attention to details and shape. The veins and ridges on the Goodfella dildo are a thing of beauty and you’ll notice that the extra ridge under the head, as well as the more bulbous head itself, are just perfect for g-spot or prostate stimulation.

The Vixen Randy dildo
The Vixen Randy dildo

Length and girth are something that they put a lot of thought into as well. Witness the Vixen Randy dildo, which has only 5.75 inches of insertable length but a whopping 2.25 inches across, making it a fantastic dildo for that feeling of ultimate fullness without the cervix poking potential of longer dildos. But fear not all you size queens out there, because they also have the Vixen Outlaw dildo which comes in at a substantial 9 inches of insertable length with a filling 2 inches across.

The Vixen Outlaw dildo, the biggest they make
The Vixen Outlaw dildo, the biggest they make

The most important thing about any dildo that you are investing some of your hard-earned cash on is the materials, if you ask me. Vixen Creations dildos are firmer on the inside, with a plush exterior. They have bend without being floppy. That is the perfect combination in my book.  But the real icing on the cake, so to speak, is the feel of the outer material.

I am going to let the folks at Vixen explain for themselves what makes their dildos so special.

“The Platinum grade silicone used for VixSkin® has a high degree of flexibility and resists tearing. Our exclusive formula contains a silicone lubricant (just like that used in the most popular silicone lubes), suspended between the molecules, giving a more realistic feel and greater elasticity. As with all sex toys, proper cleaning will ensure bacteria cannot accumulate on the surface. It is chemically impossible for bacteria to impregnate the silicone.”

To the touch, that outer material is almost a bit tacky and I admit that it does pick up lint and cat hair like no other toy I have ever owned. But when you add water based lubricant to these dildos, they are truly magical.

Now, if you want to try one out for yourself, I do have a few words of advice from an experienced Vixen creations pro (me!)

  1. Never ever ever use silicone lubricant with these dildos. It will disintegrate the coating.
  2. Store your Vixen Creations dildos separately. Preferably in the clear plastic case they come in , so that they stay lint free and aren’t at risk of touching other toys
  3. Don’t let your Vixen dildo lean against other toys. This will also break down the materials.
  4. If you’re thinking of harness play, they are all harness compatible but they on the heavier side so you need a more substantial harness (flimsy elastic models just won’t cut it)
  5. These dildos has a lifetime warranty but not if you do something silly, including ruining it with silicone lube.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Vixen Creations Dildos and You Will Too

  1. I was born with a micro penis and have Ed. as well as Pe. issues so I have only been able to give my wife orgasms orally or with my fingers.I recently decided to buy her a dildo. I initially bought her the Vixen Creations Mustang and Johnny. I lubed her up with some Squirtz cum lube and slowly put the Mustang in her and sbe purred with pleasure and had a few really good orgasms.I then put the Johnny in her.At first she was a little uncomfortable with the bulbous head but once it popped in it was as if she was posessed sexually. I Stroked her G spot with Johnny’s big head and it was as if she was posessed by a sex spirit. She moaned loudly and when I askec her how she liked it she said “I love this big cock” . She had wave after wave of deep orgasms. The visual of a big cock in her and the cum lube oozing out of her makes me so horny.My wife cried after about 45 mins of orgasms. It was very liberating to me to be able to accept the fact that I will never be able to give her deep orgasms with my penis but I can replicate other guys satisfying her. I later purchased her some other Vixen Creations products. Buck,Maverik, Outlaw. I have worked her up to almost taking the full length of the Outlaw. Im slowly stretching her out and hopefully getting her addicted to craving for big dicks. These toys have awaked my wifes sex life we have so much fun with tbem. We often roleplay hung guys having there way with her,so fun.?

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